"2001" fills the theater
Roger Ebert hosts wide-screen showing at the Virginia Theater
. Shooting with the NICAM
A high-tech camera developed at Beckman takes panoramic images of the Virginia Theater

Harry Lange hopes "2001" has stood the test of time
Noted sci-fi design consultant got his start in the 1968 classic

Cyberfest '97 kicks off
Larry Smarr, director of NCSA, talks about Urbana's place in computing history

. Artifacts from the future
Dennis Gillman, a long-time "2001" collector, will be on hand for Cyberfest
. Gary Lockwood: Space Cowboy
Lockwood, who played Frank Poole in "2001," recalls thirty years of acting adventures




1997: The coming of HAL
UI to honor "2001" computer and cyberfuture

Odyssey ends at Urbana for "2001" fans
HAL computer 'birthplace' hosts March festival

Highlights of Cyberfest '97 salute to "2001"

HAL to miss birthday
While UIUC has always had a concentration of computer technology, HAL is not due to arrive anytime soon.

Students vie to design Cyberfest time capsule
Device will be opened on UI's 200th anniversary