About Obelisk

      Obelisk was conceived and executed at faster than light speeds throughout the fortnight preceding the start of Cyberfest. Soon, we will have a page up detailing some of our shotgun approach to project management.
      The project, involving more than two dozen student volunteers (undergraduates and graduate students) from journalism, media studies and some other departments, was coordinated by undergraduates Chris Boraski of media studies and Jamey Fry of journalism as a chance for them to explore some of the online publishing skills they learned last fall. Chris served as the senior producer, responsible for site design, navigation and packaging. Jamey coordinated the assignments, edited the copy and kept track of the reporting efforts. The two of them developed ideas for the site in conjunction with Robin Kaler and Eric Meyer, who served as informal advisers and facilitators.
      The site employs or soon will employ several cutting edge online techniques, including processes known as deconstruction/reconstruction non-linear storytelling (lots of very short sidebars uniting to interactively tell pieces of a larger story, an approach pioneered by the Chicago Tribune) and left-rail gridding and topical clumping of links (two interface design strategies pioneered by the San Jose Mercury-News).If you're interested in such things, you may notice a substantial difference in the online strategies employed by the students producing Obelisk and the rather art-and technology-driven style of the outside design house that created the university's official Cyberfest website.