Area schools enter World Wide Web art competition

By Maggie McClain and Eilis Murphy

      Cyberfest is fast approaching Champaign-Urbana, and efforts are being made to involve not only University of Illinois students but also students of the C-U public school districts.
      Letters were sent to area students encouraging them to get involved in a World Wide Web art contest.
      Students were asked to create their own web page and submit it for competition. Kids will be judged in two categories: kindergarten through fifth grade and sixth through twelfth grade. The event is hosted by C-U schools, the regional office and the Cyberfest committee. The contest will be judged by selected members of the university.
      Champaign-Urbana school districts believe it is important to integrate internet education into the classroom agendas. Business, art and social studies classes have enabled students to get hands on experience with the World Wide Web.
      Many students of this generation have had great opportunity in obtaining sophisticated computer skills. Jim Peterson of Urbana schools said its students are "web savvy...we seem to be ahead of the game, and our kids seem to be taking advantage of it."